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Dental Hygiene Career Opportunities

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Dental Hygienists have an extremely high rate of employment and/or self-employment and earn an average of $49.69 per hour. It’s a highly desirable profession due to its flexible hours and many part and full time career opportunities available.

  • General dental office and/or clinic
  • Specialty dental office and/or clinic ( i.e. Periodontics, Orthodontics)
  • Independent Dental Hygiene clinics
  • Pedodontics and Prosthodontics
  • Dental hygiene office and/or clinic
  • Community health settings
  • Public health Departments
  • Research
  • Educational Institutions
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Administration
  • Private Consulting

Why Choose Us

Become a Dental Hygienist in 18 months, compare that to our competitors which have programs that run from 24 to 32 months in length.

Dental Hygiene Course Details

The Dental Hygiene Program offered by the VCDH is completed in 18.5 months, while publicly funded programs can run anywhere from 24 to 32 months. This shorter time frame is seen as an advantage by many students who are eager to enter the workforce. Another benefit offered by the VCDH is the option to enter the program at various times during the year. The additional intakes allow more openings for for future students and more flexibility with start dates.

Full time program course length: 18 months

  • Mondays to Fridays
  • Occasional Saturday
  • Sundays Closed

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The Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene Inc.  is accredited by The Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada and certified by the Private Training Institution Branch.

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